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A large number of managers see business strategy as an extremely long document at the bottom of the drawer, based on the idea of multi-year business planning. Equally, despite the existence of such a document, they keep their real business goals and plans in their heads, and communicate them to employees spontaneously, i.e. as needed. Of course, in today's rapidly changing business environment, such an approach does not allow the full potential of the organization to be fulfilled.


A modern business strategy must be agile, tangible, well communicated, and implemented throughout the entire organization and all business processes. With a methodological approach such as OKR, the operational strategy is reduced to quarters, and with a well-executed strategic planning process, goals can be aligned throughout the organization, in the same time motivating employees to contribute towards common goals and  organizational culture. Last but not least, it is important to note that a good strategy is always very measurable.


The approach to business strategy varies greatly depending on the industry, the size of the organization and, of course, business aspirations. That is why we adapt our approach to each client, and we focus on the use of established methodologies and proven best practices such as:

strategic planning


Strategic planning is a long-term process, and in addition to facilitating the process itself, as external consultants we are also able to provide objective insight into strategic issues. We usually approach our clients through a series of interactive workshops, covering the entire spectrum of strategy from the core values of the organization to the individual business goals of each employee and everything in between. Of course, we also place special emphasis on the internal communication of the strategy.



The OKR methodology lowers business goals to the quarterly level, i.e. three-month cycles that provide enough time to achieve development goals, but at the same time allow for sufficient adaptability to market conditions. The  framework itself is made of motivating objectives and measurable key results that together form a transparent and easily measurable system. While a whole range of digital solutions can be used to manage OKRs, we are official partners of the world's best solutions: GtmHub and BetterWorks.

Strategic agility


Strategic agility consists of a whole series of business procedures and norms, as well as managerial skills that enable quick adaptation of the organization to external and internal influences. In a world where the amount of data is duplicated every few minutes, it is important to be able to make a quick and good decision, but also to fundamentally change the strategic direction or established business norms. You can check the state of the Croatian market, your industry or the level of strategic agility of your organization on our website:
Strategic Agility Index.


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